Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Spark!

Just wondering if anyone has the SPARK book and if you have read it yet?


I just got mine last night and can't wait to get into it! I had an email sent to me to save 30% at Barnes and Noble and I went right over to get it....I was so excited. Even the cashier said, "Oh I have heard about this book, its supposed to be very good" WOW!

What I could see from breezing through it that there are some diet plans as well as the fitness pictures of Coach Nicole. I like that it seems to be divided into great categories that include keys to real change. Not just what to eat and do, but the emotional aspect that most of us suffer with. Our body image and all the other things that roll around in our heads to sabotage our efforts to a healthy lifestyle.

Many of us on Sparks have a story, most of you know mine is a skinny fat girl story. But with Sparks and thanks to Spark Guy and the staff at sparks we have the tools we need to succeed for LIFE. Did you read that? Tools to learn for success for LIFE and FREE, that's just incredible.

How could you not want to support a man that created a FREE site like this?

I have been on, and am on, many other fitness sites, Beach Body, Body Builders and Exercise TV but none of these are a full package. They come close but they don't offer the team spirit that Sparks does, or the knowledge and support tools like the food tracker and videos. I know there are other food trackers that some people use, but if you customize your food here on sparks and save it as your favorites it just doesn't get any easier REALLY!

So if you have the book, or have read the book, please let me know you thoughts about it. If you don't have the book I suggest getting it, if its half as terrific as this site is...... it will be money well spent!

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  1. I think ExerciseTV is up there amongst the top fitness sites. They have free videos and plenty of other tools that support your weight loss goals and a healthy lifestyle. Plus, if you actually have ExerciseTV OnDemand, the offer really great workout videos with tons of celebrity trainers. You should definitely go check it out again.