Monday, January 25, 2010

7 miles down, 19.5 to go

This weekend I had a Rockstar workout weekend, now if only I could say the same about the Cookie monster! *sigh*

Saturday I was productive and thought I would start my marathon training start point. You may remember my goal was to run till I can't run anymore and then start working from there. I am training on an elliptical because it is easier on my knees instead of the treadmill. When the weather breaks I will move my training outdoors.

I ended up with a steady 12 minute mile on the elliptical for 7 miles. I did not feel tired or sore at all and I was still keeping a 1 minute calorie burn or close to it. The machine only does an hour so I cant tell you the calculations, but I did the 7 miles and then finished with 45 minutes of yoga.

Figuring I would be very sore on Sunday, surprise not too bad. Considering my workout was back and legs I was a bit concerned for 2 reasons.

1. Its been quite a while since I ran that kind of distance/amount of cardio in one session. (1 hr 15 mins straight)

2. Holding poses in yoga (45 mins) also put lots of pressure on my legs, and would I have enough recovery time for my back and leg workout the next day

What I was going to do was another cardio session on Sunday morning and then my workout, but figured I would not push it and would do the cardio later in the day. That did not happen, as domestic duties got in the way, plus cooking, filming and writing.

So I am grateful today I am teaching cardio mix and will get my cardio in and have extra time for recovery. I now know that when I do get to hit the pavement I believe I will be able to start with and easy 10 to 15 mile but will start to struggle I believe around the 20 mile marker. My pace will be at about 13 mile minute by my calculations.

I have NOT committed to any run at this point, but should I decide to do one it will be in the fall or next spring.

1/23 Double workout back to back!
Time of workout = 2 hrs
7 miles cardio - 12 min mile
Cals burned = 700+
45 minutes yoga

P90X Legs & Back Day 62

Time of workout = 40 mins
Wt - 118
Cals burned = ?

10 wide pullups
30 step back lunges 5lb db
24 alt side lunges
12 close grip over hand pull ups - asst
1 min single leg wall squats
20 single leg dead lift squats each leg w/5lb db
7 switch grip pullups
30 3-way lunge
20 sneaky lunges - walking lunges on tip toes
15 reverse chin ups
2x30 sec chair salutation
20 toe roll ISO lunges each leg
15 wide front pullups - asst
45 sec Groucho walk - wide squat walk
15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - heals in
15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - reg
15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - heals out
10 over hand pullups
30 80-20 Siebers speed squats - 1 leg down, 1 tip toe
7 switch grip pullups asst

Cardio Mix tonight
- I will teach

Getting the Rockstar Body........

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