Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to get out of debt

I am a work in progress and I set the bar pretty high for myself. I have so much joy in my life I am very blessed but have my share of annoying times too. I try to continue growing, learning and striving to be like others that are where I want to be at.

Like this months Success magazine, I got really inspired to talk about money.

When you see a country like HATI you just have to remember how much we really have, how blessed we are. Just to have water and food, heat or a/c or a car and a house/roof over our heads. Poverty like that is heart retching, but it is there in the world to keep us aware that there is always someone that needs lifting up.


People cringe at managing money, but if you don't manage your money... YOUR money will manage YOU! That is not a good place to be at. Yesterday I talked about keeping a daily tab on where your money goes and check it at the end of the week, I am doing that and posting with my SWER. (see yesterdays blog) This awareness can help you make small changes that add up! Humm Starbucks..... Back to money.......and how to get out of debt.

This is the plan of attack that was recommended, AFTER you have 1,000.00 in a cash saving account.

1. Attack and pay off the smallest bills first - as each small bill gets paid its like loosing weight, you can see that you can do it and you become excited to loose more. Its liberating to not get that bill and it builds momentum. (I did this with my American express, just chipped away till it was gone and I feel GREAT about it)

2. Next work on the next smallest bill - same approach. Which no matter what others say about interest rates, its more about getting rid of each one, one by one and gaining control. (this was actually my car but you may have more then one credit card to work on, but just do the smallest first and try to get down to just 1 card) Just like getting control of your weight this is the same approach, baby steps.

3. Then after all small/cc or loans are paid (if that is smaller then car loan) work on your car loan. Which is usually smaller then your student loan or home loan (this is where I am starting my Trainer T. Foundation savings)

4. Once your car is paid off then work towards your additional 6 months of savings

5. Now work on your home loan - and the expert says that most people pay off thier home in about 8-12 years with this plan, now thats ENCOURAGING! This is all done in baby steps, just like loosing weight or diet. You just make 1 change and go from there...just START making a change because doing the same thing gets you the same results.

S - $13 (New sweater)

W - Legs & Back 40 minutes

E - pizza

R - With God did my prayer list and for HATI

Today was Kempo, I finished Legs & Back instead.

Post workout snack:

1/2 banana

1 c coconut milk

1 scoop choc whey

Todays Workout P90X Legs & Back Day 55 Cont.

Time of workout = 40 mins

Wt - 118

Cals burned = ?

10 wide pullups - asst

30 step back lunges 5lb db

24 alt side lunges

12 close grip over hand pull ups - asst

1 min single leg wall squats

20 single leg dead lift squats each leg w/5lb db

7 switch grip pullups

30 3-way lunge

20 sneaky lunges - walking lunges on tip toes

15 reverse chin ups - asst

2x30 sec chair salutation

20 toe roll ISO lunges each leg

15 wide front pullups - asst

45 sec Groucho walk - wide squat walk

15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - heals in

15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - reg

15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - heals out

10 over hand pullups

30 80-20 Siebers speed squats - 1 leg down, 1 tip toe

7 switch grip pullups asst

Getting the Rockstar Body.........

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  1. Your logic reminds me of my book my Dave Ramsey! I 100% agree with your advice!

    Also its NOT fun to cut out things in order to get ahead...much like have to be consistent, set good habits and work hard and the rewards are worth it. Nothing feels MORE freeing than NO debt!

    Have a blessed evening!