Thursday, January 28, 2010

P90X Round 2 Day 64

My fabulous girlfriend Diane came over for dinner last night and we had a great visit. I made a big salad with chicken, crasins, and low fat cheese very healthy.

I also made this apple torte but logged it in as apple pie since I have never figured out the nutrition on it. Its not a pie with crust, it is just apples, cinnamon, and egg, flour, baking powerder and a bit of sugar you throw it all in a pie pan and it bakes up nice and crisp and yummy. She had 2 pieces, and so did I.

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 64 (was supposed to be stretch)
OMY - Extended traingle

I decided to do the arm movements from Kenpo since I love them. I wanted to do more then stretch today, since I already had a day off on Tuesday. My weight is sticking about 118-120 now, I am hoping that is muscle being created and NOT fat. Stats are tomorrow so we will be hoping for another 22% day or less.

Smoothie same as yesterday, banana, blueberry, peanut butter so good!

Workout time = 30 min
Mood - Terrific!
Wt - 120
Cals burned = 136

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

30 Each:
Blocks front
Blocks corner
Inward Blocks
Downward Blocks

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Star Blocks 16
High block low punch 2x25
Knee back kick 2x30
Back knuckle ball kick/back kick 2x10
Hook upper cut low side kick 2x10
Elbow series 30
Vertical punches 100
Walking combo 30

Getting the Rockstar Body.........


  1. Impressive - I have a good female friend that did p-90x that had real challenges in the area of pull-ups I looked through your older entries and was impressed to see that you did a good number of them.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey

  2. Great photo chica! Keep up the healthy eating and GREAT work! Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay healthy, happy and fit!!!!

  3. Thank you Tom for noticing! I have been trying and since I got those Yoga Paws I am doing much better.

    Mary - Your just a doll!