Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Let's Begin!

Happy New Years Eve!

Today we end "Shine in 2009" to start "2010 Let's Begin"
Time to start over and add to our personal growth, and become who we want to become.

2010 is within!

I will set my goals and inspirations on improving my life, myself, adding quality to my life to make my destiny the absolute best.

Praise God - spend more time in the word

Stay in the zone - in the moment not multi-tasking

Face my fears - breath and visualize the outcome

Increase my relationships - bond more by opening up even if it hurts

Change my mental programming - listen to great leaders over and over again until it is MY programming

Help others - stay motivated and feel good about themselves and let them know I care

Let go of past - today is a new day, a present

Remain in action mode - as long as I am moving forward I am not moving backwards or stagnant

Find mentors - keep close to those that I can grow and learn from that are where I want to be at

Take time to reflect - what I did, how I can do it better, and who can help me where I am lacking

Give praise - find good things about others and praise them for what makes them special

Empathy - learn to do this and understand the true meaning of it

Control - don't take control of situations that are not mine to control, stop fixing and giving the answers, instead just listen

Grow - do something new each month I have never done before

2010 Let's begin!

Now its all the rage in the news "Taco Bell Drive-Thru" diet!

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