Thursday, December 3, 2009

#1 Male Fitness Trainer Videos Online

Meet Ahmad Baari CPT Offers a free download that you must simply check out!

I had the pleasure of writing about Ahmad and viewing his tough workouts online and he is a very fierce trainer. He has over 7,000 watching and doing his online videos, and has helped many loose weight and get healthy.

Here is a small sample from one of Ahmad's webesites:

Congrats, for taking the first big step! Okay, now we have to get to serious business. You need to get a garbage bag and go to your kitchen now. I need you to throw away HALF (just half) of anything that has the words:
-High Fructose
-Saturated Fats over 2.5 g
-Hydrogenated Oil

Next I need you to get a calculator, pencil and paper. This will be quick. I need you to: subtract your age from 220.
ie. 220 - (put your age here) = answer

Take the answer and multiply it once by0.65
and 0.85

ie. answer x 0.65 = lower end
answer x 0.85 = higher end

This is the formula that most never use when doing their cardio. When you do your cardio keep your heart rate in the (lower end - upper end) zone for the full 25 minutes or more.

To see your muscles, you have to shed fat. Fat does not come off in just one place. It is shed from your whole frame at one time. There is NO SUCH THING AS SPOT REDUCING!
Learn more about Ahmad and watch his amazing videos

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