Monday, December 14, 2009

Yuck P90X never ending phase 2


I can't wait to get done with phase 2 of P90X, I am on a mission to complete round 2 the classic version.

This weekend I did hit the gym and got in a great workout and yesterday and today P90X. I was productive and got up a new T- jack youtube and all my paperwork in my spreadsheet.

Cards are mailed....woo woo!
Packages sent.... woo woo!
Ready for Santa.......woo woo!

Pre -workout smoothie
2 banana
2 c 1% milk
2 scoop choc whey

it was too thick for me, tommorow I will add some coffee to this yum!

Post-workout snack
1 c yogert non fat vanilla
1/2 scoop choc whey
1/2 c blackberries

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 45

Workout - P90X Stretch
Mood - Relaxed
Wt - 116
Time = 40 Mins
Cals burned = ?

Static Stretches:
Back up the car
Head rolls
Chest, back and shoulder stretch combo
Wrist, forearm
Back wrist
Dreya forearm stretch
Arm circles
Shoulder tris

Ballistic stretchs
Shake outs
Hug yourself high-low

Static Stretches:
Back/front stroke
Side stretch
Seated spinal stretch
Cat stretch
Glute stretch - I did this hand behind hamstring not knee
Wide feet forward bend - I did this arms closed

Getting the Rockstar Body........


  1. I have no idea what P90X is but see it on all the american bloggers pages.
    Sounds pretty interesting, do you do this at home or at the gym?

    I need to post the last of my Xmas cards today.

  2. Yes you do it at home it is a 12 cd workout that you do for 90 days. They call it EXTREME and its tough.

  3. Thanks for the link, have checked it a lot of variety to chose from, have saved to look at later next year....thanks again. Now relax and enjoy your holiday season...I will be for sure.