Monday, December 28, 2009

Goals 2009 vs 2010

This is me doing handstand pushups, so far the most I have done is 2 sets of 3 but only 1/2 way.

2010 Goals:

I will conquer 3 full handstand pushups

Beat my record time of 9.33 minute mile

Do more strength training and yoga then cardio

Cut down on sugar. I beat the carbs in 2009 now I will beat the sugar in 2010!

Turn my weaknesses into my strengths

Break the 22% body fat plateau

Eat more veggies

Increase my lean muscle mass and decrease my body fat to 20% and break the 21% barrier in 2010!

Become more financially secure increase my auto savings deposit

Cut spending 10%

As I look at 2009 here are goals I accomplished:

Started Trainer T. Foundation to fight obesity in kids

P90X Graduate (currently working on round 2)

Completed my website & got videos up

Started writing & branding myself

Add to my networth

Give back to my community teaching free group fitness

Ran a 5k in 9.33 minute mile and came in 3rd place in class

Got a pullup bar

Paid off my car

Cut down on buying shoes

Reached my goal weight

Getting the Rockstar Body........

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