Monday, December 7, 2009

4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout

This weekend was a very productive weekend and I feel good about that.
I got my video up, 4 minute fat blaster set to Zumba music

Why do I feel so productive?
All my holiday shopping is doneAll holiday gifts wrapped
All paper work for year end organized
Christmas cards bought
Stamps boughtReady for Santa ;-)

Some how I feel like its all coming together, you have to love that feeling don't you?

Went to the gym on Sunday and blasted out a good workout, over 300 cals kicked to the curb! Saw 2 of the regular peeps and they missed me and said I looked amazing that made my day. I am stuck on day 42 of P90X, lets hope this week I get that done or thats the plan.

Then it was church and fellowship followed by food and decorating of the church.

I love to decorate!

I took 2 of the front Ficus trees and turned them into Poinsettia trees and added lights and ivy too. They were very lovely, and it took me about 1 hour to complete. Mostly because of the fact I needed green wired lights and they had to get them from the kids church (where I teach my Monday night fitness classes) After that it was off to the cemetery to decorate my dads grave. This year I choose red poinsettias and variegated ivy, last year I did blue and sliver he loves blue.

Today: Off day

Teach circuit tonight with balls, stability and medicine

Sunday: Workout - Cardio & upper body

Mood - Muscletude!
Wt - Forgot
Time of workout = 50 mins
Cals burned = 315 + ST
30 min eliptical = 4545 steps

5 min increments:
Level 12 incline 4
Level 15 incline 4
Level 20 incline 10
Level 20 incline 4
Level 15 incline 10
Level 12 incline 4

In and out lat pull down T. style
3x12 40lb
3x12 40lb seated back rows, 2 sets feet on floor for core
3 sets 1 min plank

Downward dog to plank sets
1 min Cat to cow
Splits practice
X side stretches

Getting the Rockstar Body.........