Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Whats It Like To Loose 1/2 Your Body Weight?

I'm not sure of that feeling but Danny from the Biggest looser sure does! And he sure does look great and his wife does too. I am very proud of him and his family for support and winning, he was my choice. (I only got to see the last 10 minutes of the show I was at church service)

I wanted to do this blog about what does it take to do that, even though this is nothing I have never achieved personally.

In all my years of working with others, trying to change how their body looks I have never had someone loose 50% of their body weight. (30lb is my clients record for loss)

It would mean you could do things, you could never even think of doing before and doing it with confidence. Getting your life back. When I saw Danny win, and he made the comment "I was determined to win" that was all that was needed to be said.


That is the secret to weight loss success, and two other BIG elements:

His support came from his family, people on the show (especially Liz) and his trainers.

His goals were to beat Rudy, period. Sure it was also to get healthy for his family but his goal was to be better then Rudy. To beat Rudy each and every week on the scale.

If you have lost more then 50% of your body weight, please let me know and what was your secret? I believe if you think about it, It will come down to the 3 things that I feel are the secret to any transformation, or with any weight loss.

1. Determination
2. Support
3. Goals

You can say what ever you want about a turning point in your life or wanting to make a change in your life, I feel these principles are in my opinion the true key to lasting success. A determined person can not be stopped.


Todays workout should have been P90X day 43, still a twinge in my back left lower side so I did pilates.

Workout snack:
1 scoop choc whey
1 c 1% milk

Workout = Pilates
Mood = Cold 50 mph winds!
Wt = 115.5
Time of workout = 20 min
Cals burned = ?

20 min Pilates
Twisting saw
Side bridge
T-stand side bridge
Roll up
In and out Vs
25 reverse straight leg crunches
Pilates 100
OMY - Upward facing dog

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

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