Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Days Till Christmas!

I just can't wait for Christmas and its just 7 days away!
I enjoy being off work and sleeping in a bit, being with my family....oh and the TREATS!

I will try not to over indulge, and thankfully my mom has not made her home made fudge in years. High calorie and sugar over drive, but delicious none the less.

We found out my sister is going to make it on Christmas Eve!!! And stay for a few days, I will get to see her 2 of the days then my vacation will be over.

Have you started thinking about resolutions?

Can you believe its going to be 20-10? When you say it that way, twenty ten, it sounds like a really cool year for something fabulous to happen V's two thousand ten.

What have you accomplished and what other things do you want to master?

Time to get the dream machine and goal planning session fired up, because it won't be long and we will be in a new year.

Today's workout:
Biggest Losers Last Chance 10 Min Upper Body

This is what I remember on this workout I did not have time to write it out. I used 10lb db on all except lateral lifts I used 5lbs db.

Each move was 30 seconds, and you have to do the 5 minute warm up prior to this bc it goes RIGHT INTO the workout.

Bicep curls
Back rows - bent over
Leaning side lunges w/bicep curls
Over head press
Plank rows
Plank lateral lifts
Tricep kick backs
Push ups - used my Yoga them!

I will do the lower body workout this weekend, and my stats and then update the full review. Either way, this is worth the $10 because it is fast and fun so the workout really goes by quick.

Considering P90X is very slow moving and methodical its quite a difference. I was supposed to do Yoga X today, but decided to do this instead and I will take the Power Yoga class on Saturday at the gym.....with my Yoga Paws!

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

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  1. For some reason I'm craving chocolate at the moment and eating a few blocks every single day. I find reading others blogs is not helping at this time as everyone is wanting to eat and eat more than they normally would.
    I'm going to finish the few bars I have and then from 2010 ( sounds good I agree ) I'm going to say good bye to it for awhile as I get back into training to drop my body fat a little.