Monday, November 30, 2009

Top 5 Reasons TV Make You FAT!

Sister Cindy, me, sister Sherry and mom & nephew Joey

I finally got to pick up the family portrait and I just love it. Thank you all for the ideas of what to wear. I am glad I bought a t-shirt for my nephew so it was crisp, he's 11 need I say more?

My stats for Friday I did on Saturday morning:
WT - 116 (that's a 2lb gain)
BF% 22.8 (up .06)
BMI 19.9 (up .01)

I got in 2 days of walks, vacuuming, and other then that I just enjoyed being with family and helping out mom. NO guilt, I just watched my portions, brought my water and whey. It was good to be home, I got all my Christmas decorations up since it was 70 degrees out. I'm all ready for Santa!

Todays workout:
P90X Stretch
20 Min incline walk at lunch
30 Min kickboxing class I am teaching tonight

Pre-workout smoothie:

1/2 c spinach
1 scoop choc whey
1/2 cherries
1/2 c milk 1%
2 tbs vanilla
1/2 c cold coffee

While I was there I saw, my sister Sherry and her son Joey (my only nephew) watch tons of TV. I am not a TV person at all, and actually only have local channels and just lost one of those. 2,5,11 & 30 so I never get to see Entertainment tonight because that was on channel 4 the one I lost.

I mean they know EVERY show, and how can that be there is like 100 channels that's just nuts! Everything from some guy eating the biggest food he can find in man vs food (which I need to write this guy, walking death trap) to a guy on a island back packing living off the land eating bugs and trying to make water. Ugg! Is there a need for this type of program? I guess so because its on right?

I got to thinking since I don't have cable or dish and had a chance see this for a couple days, I had a few things pop into my mind. Like this can really make people FAT! This is killing people, really wake up its like a mind control if you look at this objectively from a fitness level. Everyone is eating and really bad food choices, and they really make it all look too good!

So here it is my thoughts (and venting) about TV, and I ask you to turn it off, I think it creates mindless eating habits. Get moving, live your life and your dreams not something out of a electronic box.

Top 5 reasons TV makes you FAT:

1. Food commercials - this is insane! So many products bombarding you, every 2 seconds or it seems and the images are very clever marketing. (makes you hungry)

2. No movement - my sis and nephew just never got up! Like for an hour, it was crazy (lack of exercise)

3. False images - Who are these people? The actors that do these shows are very unattainable. Really either they are perfect or nearly perfect and I felt like I was being attacked by VS models, who can compete? (self confidence)

4. Makes you lazy - It sucks life out of you, just one show after the next its kinda like a drug (again no exercise)

5. Dumbs you down - Wow this is a big one! Really they must work hard at making people seem unintelligent! I am sure that biography and the history channel or cooking is NOT included those are learning channels, but they are also not the ones my family was watching. (again goes to confidence and self respect)

Sheesh I feel so much better now!

Getting the Rockstar Body.........


  1. Not only the tv but also sitting in front of the computer makes one FAT!!

    I love it when groups wear black or white if background is white for family group photo's.

  2. Thanks so much Marcelle, considering we had an 11yr old in the picture we were pleased lol.