Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friends, Are They Really?

Are your freinds, really your friends?
After Last nights BL and seeing Danny go home to his "friend" you have to wonder will they remain friends? Sometimes you can "out grow" a friendship because your on a new path, and they are not or maybe they are not really your friend anymore. You can see some of the "friends" helping sabotage the contestants when they go home. I don't think its always on purpose, but its hard for others to see you doing something, because they may feel now they HAVE to do "something" especially with diet and fitness. If they really love you, and care about you, what you do should matter to them. Sometimes friends are not really friends are they?

It's hard to change, and that why its so important to have support!
Why is it that when you have a friend there to support you, that you do so much better?

Is it the challenge off each other? Could it be that is what inspires you to "give it your all"?
This can be in fitness or life in general, friends play a HUGE role in our lives.

I was supported by Janet a friend at the gym, that convinced me to stay past my 1hr kickboxing class, and add the 30 boot camp dynamic class that was up next. In return she would stay and do heavy lift with me.

Well how could I pass that offer up? A bit of EVIL revenge in me to get her the "round ball" shoulders that she has always been wanting, so of course I had to accept. Now this was quite the challenge for me considering I had already done 20 mins on the elliptical and my legs were already pretty darn tired from the hour of kickboxing. But the look on my friends face, you know that I need your help look sold me!

This is what I call being supportive, going out and giving more than I had already done to help her achieve her goals. She does need help to work the machines since she really never gets a chance, and me being the gym rat that I am gladly showed her what and how to use what would give her the shoulders she wanted.

As we pushed each other to get that "one more" rep in and the chants of "you can do it!" made our workout fun and a lot more challenging since we were fueling off each other in competition. Yes, of course I beat her in the weight amount... but that girl gave it her all and that was what counts.

Also I have to add the fact that it was a great stroke on my ego because she was impressed that I did 90lb rows, and 40lb chin dips (which is lifting 80lbs of my own weight) was an added bonus :)

Even when I have been down or out, my support group of friends have been there to listen, and pick me up... and when I have been "slacking" at the gym, my friends there push me to be my best and to give it my all, and my spark friends (you know who you are) help me stay focused, and support me with my diet and input that help me grow and do better.

Supportive Friends? Yes I have them, and for that I say THANK YOU! to every one of you :)

No wonder I was sore this week, I looked and I was supposed to be on RECOVERY week! DAHHHH! So I corrected that today, and ONLY missed 1 stretch day. I will count yesterday stretch along with some plyo at lunch.

Here is my workout today....

My Pre-workout snack

Smoothie today was:
1 c chocolate whey
1/2 c cherries canned w/juice
1 c banana
2 c cold coffee
1 tsb olive oil

Post workout snack
1 c cottage cheese
2 peaches
1/3 tbs olive oil

P90X Round Classic 2 Day 26

P90x Core Synergistics
Mood - Ready
Wt - 114.5
Time of workout = 50 Mins
Cals Burned = ?

Stacked foot pushups - 15
Banana Roll Boats - 24
Leaning Cresent Lunge - 24 - 7lb db
Squat run w/5lb DB 1 Min
Sphinx pushups - 15
Boats - 15
Low lateral skaters - 30
Lunge reach w/5lb DB - 30
Prison pushups to max - 12
Side hip raise - 12
Squat X Press w/5lb DB - 30
Plank tatarunga runs - 10 sec switch 1 min
Walking pushups - 20

1 min reach high & under pushups
1 min steam engine
Draya roll - 13

Need to finish the bonus round after work as follows.....
Bonus round:
Plank to chatarunga hold
Half back - 1 minute
Table dip leg raise - 1 minute

Getting the Rockstar Body.......


  1. Living in germany away from all my friends and family I've had NO support system or gym buddie, I've had to get to it all on my a way I'm pleased as I did this for me with only me, of course saying that I do miss having a training partner,loved my trip back home last month as I ran with my sister in law...was a wonderful experience.

  2. So glad to have found you and your workouts and smoothies (smile)