Thursday, November 5, 2009

The 4 Steps Of Change

Today was Yoga X and I am getting to like this more and more. One reason is I am a pilates lover! I think the breathing, and quickness of the moves makes it more enjoyable for me, it feels more like a workout. I also really get into power yoga because the moves go from one to the other in a faster pace as well so I work up a sweat. Regular yoga is more about being centered and holding a pose, which gives you the gift of calmness and patience. Now I like it!

Have you ever tried yoga, power yoga or pilates?

Do you like them, and if so why?

For me, its the slow control with breathing that makes me feel strong and powerful in a way that helps my spine and back in an incredible amount, not to mention remove stress!

Which brings me to "AWARENESS" or understanding.

Awareness is your programming or conditioning from your past, and you may create many thoughts from this. I really feel that when your "in the moment" you get such clarity. We live in such a fast pace world its over whelming at times and our task list gets out of control. When you have awareness, you understand why, and who.

As an example if your family never gave you cards when growing up, you might not know why you could care less if you get a birthday card when someone else would be crushed by the lack of acknowledgement. But if you look back at your conditioning you will see and be aware of who taught you this and why, and you can change that about yourself. (I know a girl that her mom was on a diet her whole life, and so was she because she was programmed to think that way, so sad) This could also stem back to some of the ways you are about health and fitness, so face the fear of change and watch yourself grow. Challenge yourself on your "programming and conditioning" of your past.

This is how MANIFESTATION takes place:

1. Thoughts - which come from your conditioning or programming, you get when you are growing up. This can be changed, with determination and hard work.

2. Feelings - these come from those thoughts, good or bad. Most of the time you don't really think clear when you let feelings be your guide.

3. Action - this is when you have decided one way or another that change needs to take place. You can't let fear beat you down, you have to act quick and say I can, or I will do this. If you don't act quick, then the chances of negative thoughts come in. Oh and that will just beat you down quicker then you ever thought possible. Sometimes its best just to go for it! So what if you fail, you have grown and ventured out to be a "do-er".

4. Results - huge! Yes this is where those other 3 things will get you to the manifestation. If your not happy with them, then go back to the other 3 and see what you can change.

Here is my workout and pre-post workout snacks today:

Pre -workout
1 cup milk
14 g whey protein low carb (chocolate)
1/3 tsp of olive oil
Mixed in a shaker cup

Post- workout
14 g whey protein low carb (chocolate) mixed in with yogurt
1 c low fat plain yogurt vanilla
1 slice whole grain bread
1 1/3 tsp olive oil - put on bread and folded

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 20

Workout - P90X Yoga
Mood - Relaxed
Wt - 114.5
Time of workout - 40 minutes
Cals = 83

Mountain pose
Reverse Swan
Downward Dog
Runners Pose
Crescent Pose
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior
Twisting Triangle
Twisting Chair

Getting the Rockstar Body........

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