Friday, November 6, 2009

Passion CAN Make You Do Things

Passion can make you do things you never would have before. It can stretch you, and get you out of your comfort zone. Its a great feeling to have!

Ability to do something is just not enough, knowledge is not enough, even a good team is not enough. But add PASSION and you will:
Believe more
Feel more
Attempt more
Accomplish more
Lead better
Motivate others....and even meet more people. Passion is what sets life on fire! You are in line with your "true self" when you follow your passion. Its been said by many greats, and I know it is true because all the successful people all started out following what they love.

Once you find out what that is, things will come to you in an unbelievable way.

I know just from working at a company where I see some people with NO passion for the work they do, and as I look at them I think are they a robot? I'm not knocking anyone that is comfortable just doing work for a living but, I sure hope they are more passionate on their own time. I try to stay away from boring people. We all want to be around action, things happening and excitement (except when we want to chill).

This has been a good lesson for me, because now I think I am finally in line with my true passion. I have had 3 other businesses (a home cleaning service, 2 tanning salons, a fitness studio) and have been some what successful, but this time I feel in line with my "true self."

Last night I was looking over my goals and you know what?

I accomplished them all.

Wow! I hope you have done the same, if not keep moving and pressing on with passion and YOU will get results. I am always saying how fast a day goes but now I can see time goes much faster the older I get. Its not about things, its about people and who I can help.

As a matter of fact, the things that have got me to understand this and find who I am and my passion is:

A Vision Board
Daily prayer
Being around people smarter then me
Finding talented people that I want to learn from
Getting the right momentum

Maybe you can see if any of these things are things that could help you, or maybe get you started one foot in front of the other to find what will help you.

What have I accomplished:
(these all may seem small but they lead to bigger and better things)

My home based Nutrazon and Fitness business
Videos on Youtube
My fitness training site
Paypal account
Social networking sites
Search branded myself
Financial site that keeps me accountable $ and advises
Teaching free community fitness classes
Fitness writer and book should be published soon
Great relationship with God, my friends and family

Passion is keeping me going in the right direction and I know this will get me to my next set of goals. Will PASSION do the same for you?

I found these sites in Shape magazine on Favorite Nutrition sites and thought I would share.

Here is my workout, eats, and Friday stats:

My pre-workout GREEN MONSTER drink
1./2 c blueberries
1/2 scoop whey
1/4 spinach
1 c water

Post workout
4 oz cottage cheese
1 c peaches
1/2 cherries
24 peanuts

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 21

Workout - Legs and back
Mood - Up!
Wt - 113
Time of workout = 35 min
Cals burned = ?

Friday Stats:
Wt - 113
BF% 22.2
BMI 19.4

Last week:
Wt - 115
BF% 22.9
BMI 19.6

I did pullups on a pull up bar assisted with a chair

Chair lunges 15
Calve raise squats w/10lb db 25
Reverse grip chin up 15
Skaters 25
Wall squats - 1min 30 sec
Wide pull ups 15
Step back lunges w/10lb db 30
Alt side lunge w/10lb db 24
Close grip overhand pullup 15
Single leg wall squats - 1 min
Dead lift squats 40
Switch grip pull ups 7

Getting the Rockstar Body........


  1. YAY! You have your own WHY-revolution going on! That's awesome!!!

  2. You are so right about the passion. I have become passionate about running. I started my blog with a goal of doing a half marathon in January. Well, I started to get even more passionate about my training and decided to run the Houston Half marathon in October. I ran it in a time of 2:18. Many of my friends told me that it was too early to do it and I should wait...I couldn't I had to...and did. Tomorrow, I now am scheduled to run the houston masters from a half marathon to now 15.5 mile run. Who knows I think in January I met run the full marathon now, instead of the half. God bless you.