Monday, November 16, 2009

Picture Blog Park Workout Routine

This group of houses are on my way to work, and I just felt like this picture looks like a postcard, don't you think?

As fall comes to an end, I thought I would show you where I spend my lunch hour doing my workouts at the park.

When I do this walk it comes to 5,000 steps, takes 40-45 minutes, and its around a lake.

First I do 30 bent leg tricep dips from this bench

I go to the bridge and do 25 T- Jump jacks then I walk over it to the back side of the lake and head towards the inclines

Then I walk the steep inclines, sometimes I do walking lunges or cross over walking lunges. I do 30 at the steepest incline area

At the top of the hill is this table, where I do 30 incline pushups and 30 straight leg triceps dips

The bricks here at the border of the play area is where I do the 20" step ups and I do 25 each leg, as fast as I can

At the playground, I do 20 hanging straight body pullups from under the "arch shaped" blue ladder, 25 bent leg crunches off the red slide and 10 single leg squats off the green step with the handles, and finish with 20 plyo jumps on the padded surface

Then I head over to the table picnic shelter area right behind this, and do my stretches, triangles, warrior and head rolls. I do all sets each time around which is 3-4 sets.

Hope you enjoyed my workout!

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  1. Fantastic to see how you make use of the outdoors for your workouts.
    Very inspirational, thanks for sharing.