Tuesday, November 17, 2009

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 32

T. is doing handstand pushups, and NOT doing it assisted!

P90X Phase 2 already, what the heck??? One thing about time, it just keeps on going and its hard to believe holidays are coming...will you be ready?

I have had a few bad food choices lately, 9 hershey kisses and a 1/2c of ice cream with rootbeer all VERY bad choices. I own up to it, and will take this stumble and move on.

Today I did it!

As if the challenge of P90X is not enough.... add in hand stand pushups.

I tried it today, I got in a 1/2 hand stand pushup! First I got in a hand stand position, lowered 1/2 way down and then back up again. I was going to go for 3 but since I was working arms today just thought I should be safe. Now I know I can do them, I am stronger then ever and will add this challenge 1-2 times a week! Sure most women do this off a bench or chair, which takes 1/2 the body weight off. NOT T. I'm going for it one day at a time, and I will get it. Mindful of my injury of course, but my shoulders are my strongest part, along with my lats. I have always done well with holding my body weight but this is tough!

How long will it take me to do a full one?

Taught circuit class last night, went great! I am seeing improvements in several of my students. I'm so proud of them!

Here is my workout snacks today:
Pre-workout snack:
1 scoop whey with water

Post workout snack:
2 protein bars pb and oats (from Oxygen magazine I made them with the chocolate whey and I think the vanilla would be better its too rich)
2 coffees

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 32

Workout - Chest, shoulders & Tricep
Mood - Good
Wt - 114
Time of workout = 55 min
Cals burned = ?

20 Slow pushups, 10 fast
15 - 5lb in/out shoulder flys
20 Chair dips straight leg
15 Plange push up - elbows next to chest
10 Plank pushups - like your doing a head stand
15 Side tri-rise
10 Floor flys each side
15 - 5lb Scarecrows
15 - 10lb Overhead tri-extensions
15 Two twitch speed pushups - vary speed sets
20 - 5lb Y-press
20 - 5lb laying tricep extensions
20 - 5lb leaning tricep extensions - I did from triangle stance, not chair
0 - One arm pushups
40 - 3lb weighted arm circles
12 - 5lb Throw the bomb
5 Clap/Plyo pushups
10 - 5lb Slow-mo throw
20 - 5lb Front to back tricep extensions
0 - One arm balance pushup
15 - 5lb Fly-row press
25 - 5lb Dumbbell cross body blows

Getting the Rockstar Body.....

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