Tuesday, November 3, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 18

I'm kicking my own P90X Butt!

Last nights kickboxing class was great, I had 12 in class which is a good number for the building we are in. We kicked it hard an furiously FIRECE!

I just finished a nice walk at lunch and am really enjoying the sunny weather we have been having. Now if only I could get used to eating these new foods I mean I am not a big jump out of bed and eat kinda girl. Today it was grapes, non-fat yogurt and olive oil. I'm so excited to see what my numbers will be on Friday, no pain no gain right?

Plyometrics is one of my favorite workouts! I really enjoy jump training and do very well at it, so I broke a nice sweat this morning and kicked some Tony Hortons Butt! I have to say "Tony Horton' now because I did not realize when I was saying "TH" that, that is actually my OWN initials......which kinda makes since I am kicking OWN BUTT!

If you ever saw the movie "Liar, Liar" with Jim Cary that scene was way too funny!

Maybe its good we kick our own butt sometime you think?

Here is my workout today:
P90X Round 2 Day 18

Workout - Plyometrics
Mood - GREAT
Wt = 114
Time of workout = 40 mins
Cals burned = ?

30 seconds to 1 min each move.

Walking lunges
Jump squats
Air Heismans
Swing kicks
Turn squats
2 tire heismans
Circle runs
Squat reach jump
Squat switch pick ups
Jump knee tucks
Mary Katherns
Leap frog squats
Twist combo
Skis - right, center, left, center
All around jumps
Rocks star hops
Gap Jumps
Squat Jumps
Military Marches

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

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