Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Organized!

Saturday my girlfriend came over on the porch and we had a fabulous time!
It was a perfect night for wine and to light up my little green lights on the banister.
You have to look really close ;-)

She arrived in her new car!!!
Fabulous :-)

We opened the wine, and espresso beans and she brought me some homemade body scrub wrapped with a green ribbon.

Our eats were, sushi, cheese, crackers and olives complete yummo of the senses!!!
The wine was a sweet red so this paired perfect.
We finished the night with the espresso beans in:
Mixed, Amaretto, and Dark chocolate.

Gracie chilling she got a hair cut!

Her cute close up.............

The view from the porch of my flowers in bloom.

The next morning I got up and had coffee on the porch and decided to get productive. Organizing for the fall, cleaning the closet and getting rid of and organizing my jewelry too.

Here is how it started.......

I used snack packs for my stuff, its perfect!

Then you just pull out what you need and bam...

This was my Saturday oufit, I love this blue.

Gracie wants a treat ;-)

I took the day off, well not because I was hung over but because it was my day off lol.
Thanks for reading, chow!

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