Monday, August 26, 2013

Something Fun Came in The Mail

This weekend was a fabulous night on the porch!
I even lit my lights, so cozy :-)

And Gracie joined me......she loves this old green bone I gave her, she never stops trying to eat the entire thing!
Determination. In. A. Spitz.

I went to a new restaurant with my groupon.
Guido's on The Hill it was very good.
The night was beautiful, I even walked about 4 blocks after dinner in these heels.
I had the muscles, house salad and  2 pieces of pizza with
2 glasses of red wine
See why I walked?

Then I kicked butt with Scrabble, used all my tiles and got bonus.
93 points, BAM!

Something fun came in the mail....
Toilet paper!
How funny is this marketing???

Anyway it came with a coupon and this it feels like regular toilet paper.

I loved it, so of course I had to try it.
Scott new toilet paper rating = 10
My knees hurt on Sunday so I had to take the day off. Did lots of walking and cleaning though.
ZCut Month 3 week 3 day 2 - Workout #9

Squat w/leg lifts
Knee tucks
Plank 3 way jumps
Jump switch lunge w/straight leg kick 
Just 18 days to go........thanks for reading Chow!

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