Friday, August 30, 2013

Ready For The Disco!

This weekend I get to go to a 70's Disco costume party,
and this is my make up. I was deciding how dark to go.
The left eye won!
My girlfriend did it now I have to recreate it!
Here is us afterward it was fun playing with make up!
She is so sweet!!!

Yesterday at the office, I did my workout and then got a hydro massage at lunch.
Love. it.

My salad, to fit into my costume.......
Chicken, strawberries, peacans and some cheese.

I am not sure what these are but they smell amazing!

And will be trimmed back when I get ready to do the landscaping.

It starts here on the left by the varigated bush.
I am up for the challenge now that I sold my sportscar I have space for the brush.

Have  a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!
Chow :-)

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