Monday, August 5, 2013

New Blonde Hair!

New season, new hair!
I decided to go blond.......
Here is it wet out of the shower.

And dry after my workout.....

Note the big HUGE container of treats for Gracie :-)
I love all the highlights!

Styled before shopping on Saturday, I love it.

A few vanity shots..........see Gracie hiding in her spot?

This is a wig I got for a 70's party......
Still thinking about it.

Gracie chilling.......

Gracie checking out the back door guarding her post ha ha!

The latest DVD giveaway on my fan page.
This one has 4 DVD and its an amazing workout, if you want it got to my fan page click on the right side of my page.......

Me at the office today, with my sweaty hair from my workout.
Happy Monday!!!

Saturday's workout was double and on Sunday I went to Hot Yoga OMG after having 2 glasses of wine on the porch on Saturday I thought I would pass out but I did just great.
Yay me.
Today's workout:
ZCut Month 2 Week 4 Day 1 - Workout #4

Sit ups
                       Sumo Jump squats       
Thanks for reading........                    

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