Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ZCut Power Cardio Week 1 Day 2

So sweaty after Day 2 Workout 2 of ZCut
I have my hair in a DOUBLE ponytail!
On my way to the office today :-)
I have not hung my poster yet, but I am loving the layout of these that came with the workouts.
I won't be doing a full review until I have completed all the workouts on the first disk.
Then I will continue with all 3 Power Cardio
and all 3 Power Strength

Today's workout:
Week 1 Day 2 Workout # 2
I could not keep up with all the high knees to planks but I did about about 30 of the 60 *instert pant-pant
Did great with the jump squats and ski lunges. The prision stand ups are a complete killer I had to use my hands to get up. How Zuzka Light does that with her hands behind her head is just AMAZING!!!
Tonight - Client training

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