Thursday, June 6, 2013

FREE Workout DVD Giveaway!

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Last night Client training:
Step up warm up w/2lb db
DB lunge row to bicep curl -15lb
Wall squat w/toe lifts alternating deep and fast to fatigue

Med ball lunge pass under leg to squat w/twist to wood chops - 1 min each

Bench press bb - 50lb
Bent over row bb - 50lb
Straight leg dead lift bb - 50lb

Stability ball crunch punches
Stability ball hyper-extension
Push up to T stand
Triceps push up

Speed step up to plyo jump - 1 min each
Yoga stretch cool down

This weeks miles = 7 counting today
Today's workout - Sweat Unlimited cardio 30 min plus 1.5 miles at lunch. (counted in my miles)

Thanks for reading :-)

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