Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gracie The Rescue Dog!

Sometimes we just need a belly rub!
Right after play time! With Gracie's favorite toy.

Yes, I am a princess!
You can tell her eyes are much better now I have been using the Angel Eyes for the past 3 months.
And now I am giving it to her every other day.
Seems to be working and saving me a bit of cashola too :-)

This is the bedroom, where I want to hang my guitar......

To the left or the right of the artwork, moving the artwork over.
Not sure yet on which hook ........ its kinda hard to decide.

Today at the office I decided to wear something flower-y.
And my linen Gap pants, yay!

With sunglasses on top too!

Today's workout:
Sweat UNLIMITED - Week 2 Day 2 Kickboxing 45 mins
Tonight client Yoga - 1 hr 15 mins
Thanks for reading :-)

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