Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Workouts and Meals

We had more rain this weekend, but I still managed to get in a 2 mile run.
I also hung my fan in my studio......sweet!
Some of my meals:
Turkey taco salad with sweet peppers and 1oz chips which you could leave out.
I like crunch, and low fat sour cream with mine.

Dessert that is easy peaches!

I add cinnamon it is so good that way, but they have to be ripe and juicy.

Sushi, without cream cheese. That really racks up the if your counting them get rolls that don't have it or a sauce.

My lunch today:
Breakfast - oats and low fat cottage cheese
Lunch - chicken patty with horseradish sauce and apple/cucumber salad with a dash of olive oil and ground pepper
Snack - Luna bar

My summer pedi color.
Bright orange!

Cute bunnies that were actually "Boxing" but I couldn't get that snapped.

Some retro sunglasses I found in an 80's car I am getting ready to sell.
I feel like Meg Ryan :-)

On my way to the office, no worries I wore a white sweater too.......

Saturdays workout - Client training
Ladders - 20  Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Push ups, Crunches
Weights Rows, Triceps overhead and Kickbacks, Lateral lifts
Sundays workout - 2 mile evening run
Mondays workout - ZCut Yoga warm up and cool down
Client training circuit
Thanks for reading!

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