Monday, June 10, 2013

Crusoe's on the Runway Restaurant ROCKS!

on the               Crusoe's on the Runway ROCKS!
(formerly named Oliver's and some of the signs still say that name but its Crusoe's)

Oh yes, not only great service with a that listens.
If your looking for a great night with a view that kills, this place has it. You actually can see the planes come right by the table.
Plus, its a super creative date night too. What guy doesn't like planes, and girls love them too!
SHHHHHH its like the BEST kept secret ever! OK, till now ;-)
I rate this a = 10
Great food, good prices, excellent service. (which I will mention again later) We got there early about 6pm they open at 5pm.
I decided to order the Diane Melt. Simply because that is one of my bestest friends name.

Ha, can't wait to tell her!

Started with a STL app, Toasted Ravs.
De-lish, and delivered again with a smile by Buddy.

Toasted Ravs and a glass of wine started the night out perfect.

I loved all the planes in the place, and the food came out hot and timely.
Again.......all smiles Buddy!

Cooked perfect, plated nice and the taste scrumptious!
Plus they have 5 lunch specials during the week too.......for just $5.95 you can call ahead for dine in or carry out 618-337-8222

Here is what you see when you arrive, the lobby area where you could just have a cocktail and enjoy the space.

I love the artwork, it sets the tone for the night.

And as you can see it has this nice Official Airport sign.

The sign over the door still says "Oliver's" but it is owned now by Crusoe's the famous family, and they know good food.

The chairs were so fun they had wheels!

The glass etching, amazing!

I couldn't get enough of these cool neon plane lights!!!

I wanted one ;-)

And some of the other decor........

The view was by the tower

And small and large planes come in.

If you look close to the left of the cloud one is going to land.

Yup. private jet. (Note to self: I need to get one of these)

It was interesting watching him guide the plane in

The putting down a rug and then the people getting off.

Buddy actually told us that many famous Rock Stars use this St. Louis Airport.......
Oh la la!

Then they got ready to take off again...

It was really great to see, I kept wondering who they were.
Then again, he guided them for take off....

And up, up and away..........
You could even see the power from the back side of the plane pointing right into the glass window.
Then I headed to the bar area....

Guess what?
The Cards were playing :-)

It was a nice area, and comfy too.

Great patio area, and if the game wasn't on I would have sat out.

So I kicked up my heals.....and enjoyed myself!

GO Cards!

During the break, I spotted the dart board, how could I resist?

Oh yeah.....a bulls eye!

I still got it!
(I had to take a picture even though I got one I like proof lol)

It was a fabulous night at Crusoe's and I would go again too!

Finding it may seem hard, but not if you get off 255 at the Mousette lane and follow the signs.

Once you see the building you know your there!

You go in to the left of the Jet Aviation

Its easy to spot!
And they will be adding a front bar too!

I would highly recommend this airport runway restaurant!
The view on the way home is also AMAZING!

You can see the arch from the parking lot

With the sunset it was a great way to end a fabulous night of food and fun!

Just check out some of the shots I took.......

Pretty waterfall

Big sign to follow

Great area

Back home, home sweet home.

What a great dinner night at
Crusoe's on the Runway I can't wait to go again!!!!


Thanks for reading!

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