Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zuzka ZCut Workouts!

Look what came yesterday!
ZCut workout DVD's.......
I was so pumped because they were not supposed to come in for another 1-2weeks!
I ordered both sets to do an article on.
6 DVD workouts

3 are the ZCut Power Cardio with a 1 month tracking calender

3 are ZCut power Strength Series with a 1 month tracking calender as well.

You take a start photo and track each workout.
With over a million people supporting her myself included she puts the sweat and results in a workout so of course you gotta love her for that!

Week 1 Day 1 Cardio workout #1
Before my workout.......

After with sweaty hair!

Last nights sunset

Pink sky.........sunset :-)

On the way to the office today

Thanks for reading!

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