Tuesday, June 25, 2013

92 Degrees In The Shade

Today it is very hot in STL!

Here is last nights client training - 1hr session:

Step up w/3lb db


Resistance band row to fly

Resistance band Bicep curl to lateral

Resistance band Overhead triceps curl

10 Jump burpees w/jump twist


8lb med ball wood chops to lateral squat to side twist

8lb crunch to straight leg crunch to overhead reverse

10 Plank bird dog reach  

10 Jump burpees w/jump twist


15lb db chest press

15lb hammer curl to shoulder press

25lb bent over row
ZCut Week 2 Day 1  - Workout #6
This was a tough one for me, I struggled with the side burpees. I did great on the rest of the moves but after getting a shot yesterday at the doctors those those push ups were killers!
Tonight, Yoga client training.
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