Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ZCut Cardio Week 3 Day 2

It's been raining and look at this leaf that fell after the rain
I. Love. It.
Gracie got groomed ;-)

A few shots of how clean and white she can be!

Now for some nature shots..........
The leaf :-)

I did a puzzle over the weekend, reminded me of my Maui trip last year.
6 hours. 500 pieces.

My new nail polish color "Retro-Mint"

Not sure about it, but I am keeping it on for now.
Yes, I am a "Green" conscience blogger yay!

Will be doing a review on this product.
My rating = 8

and my workout today......
ZCut Cardio Week 3 Day 2 Workout #11

High knees down up push ups
1/2 Burpees w/knee ins
Side lunge jumps
Plank jumps
Wide lunge switch jumps
I loved this one, less jumping on the knees, thanks for reading :-)

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