Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girls Vacation Lots O' Pictures

We got back around 10pm on Sunday from our weekend getaway. I did get in a 1 hour incline walk and some swimming, other then that it was all about GIRLY FUN!
Branson Vacation a 4 hour drive

Diane and I at our first road stop Mc Donalds

Off to the visitor center

I like this poster

A cute picture


Dianes Daughters

Back in the car


Our hotel

The pool :-)


Getting a tan (burn)

Off to dinner our waiter Nick (who wants to be a personal fitness trainer woo woo)

My dinner, filet and sweet potato

Off to the Haygoods show, our taxi driver Dave (Susan in the back seat)

The Haygoods are going to start we got our seats

Here they are a very talented family (ok, and cute too)

Signing autographs

Then it was shopping, Diane is the Princess for taking me with her on this trip

And yes here too.........and I did get a bag :-)

Then it was off to dinner before heading back

If you look close you will see the girls in the back, Diane, Maria and Susan

Last Rest stop the Route 66

All these cute buildings

Bye bye till next time

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