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First off most of them are not very good, and since I have been there from day 1 when this location opened I have seen some come and go. I will say that there are 2 good trainers, one is a man, the other class instructor. (also I am not taking about the instructors that are Club Fitness employees) I'm not saying that to be critical, I am saying it because YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

I know you saying....T. What? Your ripping on trainers? Yes, and the reasons are because of the following: (Yeah I like lists, see my blog on that)

Idiot Trainer List:

1. Most of the time they walk around chatting - SHUT UP and train!
2. They use the weight area, the main isle, and every corner of the gym... AT THE SAME TIME!
3. Leaving weights, bands, busu, balls and everything else RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GYM!
4. They never help anyone out, doing a wrong or HURTFUL MOVEMENT
5. When you try to use an area they are in they act like YOUR in the way!

I'm DONE! I pay my money too!

Today this trainer was in the weight area, and working outside doing a bootcamp style workout with 2 clients. Going in and out and leaving everything in the way of me and 3 other lifters. Plus taking all the DB/BB outside with them as well as leaving them in the middle of the area for someone to trip on or move for them.


So I'm doing walking BB lunges and have to move a 10lb DB with my foot and this trainer looks at me like I'm in HIS WAY! Man, I almost jetted that 20lb BB right across his body. Do you think he could have reached over and moved the DB while HIS CLIENTS WERE ON THE LEG PRESS MACHINE? NO of course not, he is an IDIOT TRAINER! So I thought, play nice T. Don't let bully T. out of the box OR you will take down this scrappy little trainer!

I found my mantra, even though the other lifter was eyeing me just waiting to see what I was going to do. I was steamed to say the least, and really I wanted to LOCK the door when they went back outside on him and his clients so he would have to know what its like to be inconvenienced. That's a long walk around that BIG building, and believe me he could have knocked and me and the other lifer would have gladly IGNORED HIM with our Ipods on.

I can't imagine how it is during a peak time of the day please!

As most of you know I workout at Club Fitness for 2 reasons:
1. Its Cheap = $22 a month
2. Its very close to my home = 1.5 miles

I workout in the time slot of 6am-7am or on an early day that I do a class I am there at 5.50am. I am over it, just had to vent and someone please become trainers for Club Fitness they need all the good trainers they can get!

Last night my detox was GREAT! I was so glad that only yellow and brown showed up which is liver mostly. I did not feel any different but I did feel refreshed after waking up this morning. They say the effects are in about 24-72 hours afterwards.

Would I recommend a Foot Detox?

Yes! Just for the knowledge of knowing more about your body and wellness of your organs. I learned a lot.

Here is my workout today:

Workout = ST Workout B
Mood - RAWK
Wt - 116
Time of workout = 40 mins
Cals burned = 40 eliptical

5 min eliptical trainer warm up with shoulder & tri stretch

3x10 - 40lb BB Romanian Deadlift - 20-25lb DB
3x15 - 20lb BB Walking Lunges last set 30lb
3x12 - 15lb DB Standing Alt Shoulder press last set 10lb

Push ups:
Set 1 = 10
Set 2 = 5 then 15 girly
Set 3 = 20 girly

3x15 40lb Lat pull downs - last set 55lb

5lb Side planks DB lifts - I did 3x10 pull throughs
60 second holds - last set OMG!

1x10 chair squats

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

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