Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Addicted To Craigslist!

Today this little guy went home with me from the gym, I hope he had a great workout!
He matched my Green Monster I had today, it was with banana and whey.

It was kinda cute, he was hanging on for "dear life" as I was flying home around 50 mph he stayed right with me on the MINI

He was right on the window edge and I could see his little face staring at me eyes closed there was nothing I could do. I did not notice he had hitched a ride with me until I was blazing down the road and started to put the window down to cool off from my ROCKSTAR cardio session. Poor guy, bet he wont do that again. Of course he looked a bit frazzled as rescued him and put him in the grass, sorry little guy you can eat my flowers now.

Off to my workout, I was hotter then blazes kicking 400 cals to the curb.

Workout = Straight cardio
Mood = Go T. go!
Wt = 116 (now thats more like it)
Time of workout = 40 mins
Cals burned = 400

First mile 12.15
Second mile 11.75
Total = 2 1/2 miles 6800 steps

I varied from 12-20 incline with a 4 resistance level
10 chair squats (10 more at lunch)

I know I promised to post my pictures for my vendor fair this weekend but I did not get around to it, but I did get in a walk after dinner.

I hate to say this...but I am addicted to selling on Craigslist!

Oh my... I did not get my decorations for the table posted, because I was busy taking MORE pictures of stuff I can sell. I have just found out I have too much stuff and not enough backs, big bucks, moooolah. So after my lovely massage tonight I will load all the pictures up and blog about it.

I was thinking, I have way to many designer hand bags, SELL! I have too much office equipment and nick nacks, SELL! Harley leather wear, SELL! A extra laptop SELL!

It's true most women are shoppers (alright I am too, that's how I got all this stuff right?) but since I just LOVE collecting money the most, this is more fun then a garage sale and a whole lot LESS hassle. If you have never tried it, you can find anything and everything on there its a blast. You can even shop compare, to know what to price your stuff at. Way cooler then E-bay. I'm doing cash and carry ONLY.

What can you sell?

This money is going to go towards:
New Bedding set (which T. ordered last night and will arrive in 8-10 biz days)
2 Night stands (I saw at Target online but won't order till cash is in hand!)
the rest $$$ to Savings/T's Foundation

I'm just so darn excited, I rescued a grasshopper and now I'm getting my house cleaned out and making extra money....I am BLESSED!

Getting the Rockstar Body.....

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