Friday, September 4, 2009

Keeping Enthusiasm

Have you ever noticed when you start something new, it is so exciting and motivates you that you can't even sleep at night?

Like for instance, a new opportunity, a new job/career, a new relationship, a new house or any new move you make in your life.....its so new you just can't help but tell everyone about it. Wow it is something else, you share with everyone you come in contact with.....its like a rush of adrenaline!

How do you keep that enthusiasm?

Well I feel there are many ways you can try to capture that feeling and hold on to it. Some of these can pertain to personal things, fitness things, or business things.

When something is new, you have to figure things out. Its like a new puzzle and because you are now challenged with this new thing going on you want to make it just right and keep that rush feeling. But that will fade, just like stages in a relationship they call this the "infatuation" stage. Where you see no flaws, you are seeing what you want to see out of the person. Then reality of "comfort zone" sets in and you see things as they really are, and analyze things to see if they are going to fit your needs. If they do, you become comfortable with the day to day process.

Of course, anything comfortable can get to you re-gain that enthusiasm and new feelings? You search for ways to be creative. You play a game with yourself to make it new. Find a piece that was missing or replace a piece with something better. Like driving the same way to work never challenges you, you see nothing new.....step out and take a different way, you will be surprised how it energizes you!

In your fitness plan, if you have been doing the same routine, mix it up. Make it new, find a new piece of equipment and try it!

In your personal life, find a way to show someone you care in different way. Leave a note, a surprise call, send a card.

In your work/career life, find a new approach, educate yourself more, become and expert on yourself, make it can I do this better?

Do things differently then you have, and bring back the newness...the enthusiasm that will help to keep it from wearing off....

It may not be the exactly the same feeling, but it will still have the excitement and your attention it had from the start....

Here is my workout:

Workout = Workout A
Mood - Oh yeah!
Time of workout = 30 mins
Cals burned = ?

Friday Stats:
WT 115.5
BF% 22.9
BMI 19.8

5 min elliptical warm up w/shoulder, tricep & neck stretch
Time of workout = 30 min

3x10 20lb BB Squat
3x10 15lb DB Bench press
3x10 30lb Overhand BB row
3x10 20lb BB shoulder press
3x10 40lb BB Stiff Leg Deadlift
3x15 Hanging leg raises - last set 20

My stats are good compared to last week

This week:
WT 115.5
BF% 22.9
BMI 19.8

Last week:
WT 116
BF% 23.6
BMI 19.9

Getting the Rockstar Body.........

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  1. You are so right about mixing things up in order to maintain enthusiasm. That's why I like reading your posts.