Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brain Food?

Yesterday I talked about an Idea journal and I am loving this, so far I am going to set aside time each night to log these reflections. Today I want to talk about programming your mind with what you are feeding it.

What do you feed your mind?

It is very important in my opinion to feed your mind with positive things and with what you want to accomplish. It does bring things to you, really it does. What you think, draws those things to you. Just like feeding your body the right foods, you get the right results, same concept.

Take time to marvel over what you want, and put that mindset to work for you and see what happens. Then set out a plan to make things happen, its that simple. Feed your mind like your body with the fuel it needs to accomplish that goal. Surround yourself with the people that believe in you, and want you to succeed. If they are not supportive and like minded, then you are not feeding yourself what you need to reach the goal.

Examples of this are simple:
Want to be a good teacher, hang out with great teachers
Want to be a trainer, hang out with trainers
Want to be a net worker, hang out with net workers

Read things from people that are great at what they do, turn off the TV and get the fuel you need.

Pick the "doer's" in life if you want to be actively improving your life. If you are happy with your life then stay where you are, but if you are wanting to make changes then feed your mind and body with things that will do just that.

Your mind processes positive thoughts better then negative thoughts, go figure. Yet we mostly hear the negatives so you really have to work on pushing out that thought process and replace it with the positives.

What do you feed your mind?

I'm feeding mine the right food..........
getting the Rockstar Body

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