Friday, March 11, 2011

Weight Training Workout

This is week 2 on my new meal plan and so far I am seeing great results. This plan has more good fats, thats right I added fats. Olive oil, to each meal and its working great for getting rid of the extra that is covering my abs.

This weeks stats:

  • Wt - 123
  • BF% - 25.1
    BMI - 21.1

Last stats (2 weeks ago prior to new meal plan)

  • Wt - 123.5
  • BF% - 25.4
  • BMI - 21.3
Todays smoothie:
1 cup peach
1 cup spinach
2 scoops vanilla whey
1 tsp olive oil

Last night core yoga = 200 pushups.

Workout - ST
Time of workout = 20 mins
Cals burned = 45

Warm up:
50 Jacks
1 min arm circles
Walking glute press
Shadow boxing

1x30 each move light weights high reps - NOT to fatique.....I am leaning out here:

Back rows 10lb
Lawn mowers 10lb
Bicep to shouler press combo 10lb
Hammer curls 10lb
Chest press 10lb
Seated back flys 10lb
Static holds bicep curls 5lb
Side obliques standing 5lb
Lateral T lifts front and sides 5lb



  1. Nice workout T, did you design this for yourself? I need to pop over to SP to check out how your plans are coming together.. xo

  2. Looking fierce! I eat a lot of good fats and it makes me feel SO strong and empowered.

  3. Thanks so much! Yes I did design this program, it is what I do best and need to do more of it this year.