Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Super Stability Ball Workout

Sorry I have been busy sprucing up the house for spring. Cleaning and giving things to charity and making the place look fresh.

This is a year to be productive, this year I turn 49. YES 49.

So the pressure is on getting my biz and home in order while saving for a big 50th with my girlfriens, that will be here before I know it. You may have noticed a new icon on my side bar, BeachBody. If you click it you can find out more about me, and get stuff there too.

I became a coach so even though I have been with BeachBody since 2009,
this year I commit to help others with programs like P90X and Insanity plus the new ones getting ready to be released. So you will see more changes to my Blog and such, I am super happy.

Plus, I got a guitar!!! Its on its way to my house, and I am pumped to play again.
(more later on that at my pictures just have not had time to load up.)

Workout - Train client/ upper body ball & step
Time of workout = 60 min
Cals burned = 243

Upper body on the ball:
20 - 10lb db combo laying overhead lift & skull crushers
20 - 10lb db flys
20 - 10lb chest press one holds one works
30 - Laying over ball leg/arm lifts opposite
30 - Laying superman hyper extension
20 - 15lb sitting hammer curls w/1 leg extended
20 - 15lb cross body curls
30 - Laying oblique cross over w/5lb db
20 - Decline crunches on the bench Ball hip rotations

Step w/3lb db
Upper cuts
Pendelum Cross overs
Basic step
8 Donkey kicks R & L
8 Side lifts
8 Knee ups
8 Knee up w/kick alternating
8 Single leg monster squats R & L one leg on step
V-step w/lateral raises
V-step w/overhead press
16 Knee up w/pull downs R & L

Cool down:
2 steps Forward back steps

Bent over hamstring
Shoulder/tri combo
Forward bend Lunge R & Left
Back rounder w/3 breaths up


ps here is my article on spring beans http://www.examiner.com/fitness-trends-in-st-louis/delectable-beans-for-spring


  1. oh golly gosh, I too turn 49 in June...and am the fittest I've ever been in my whole life...Is that not wonderful...am far fitter and faster than all three of my children! hehe

  2. I use to play the guitar, I cant wait to see yours