Wednesday, May 30, 2012

INDY Memorial Day weekend

Spent Memorial Day weekend at the INDY 500, but not at the race....just in town to see all the people. It was a 4 hour drive but of course I stopped both ways to sight see Lots of land and food! Check out the pie....I did NOT have and the restroom had a handicap stall with its own vanity! Kudos to them! The hotel was an historic union train station    Random downtown pictures....... And the race was aired that night at 7pm, the winner Ashley Judds DH Ashley giving the 1 2 3 x win to her husband The gym.....I like these pictures because of the reflection of my back I. need. a. tan Brickyard raceway On the way home I stopped to see this covered bridge A small town it was in One of Abe Lincolns homes Funny sign I did great on my meals, and got in lots of walking and took a carriage ride! It was a fun weekend and I am glad I went this weekend, otherwise it may have been kinda boring.

Some of the sightseeing: Indy 500 Raceway Bricktown Raceway Downtown Indy River Walk Old Capitol Lady Victory The mall Lincolns Farm home Thank goodness its a short week!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed time with family.

Blessings, T.

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