Friday, May 18, 2012

Boxing Workout

I will be teaching the early Yoga class this weekend, I just love that time slot!
This week has been so nice I have slept with a fan in the window, and not wanting to go to work. Maybe the zoo or the park.......or just hang outside, but being inside this time of year is so hard for me. I love nature, hiking and camping is a blast!

I have not been slacking with my clients check out this workout I created that my client ROCKED last night:

Workout - Walk + Client Training Boxing

Time of workout - 75 min

Cals burned = 384

Step ups in out 2 min

Push ups on roller

Med ball boat twists

Boxing round 1:

Jabs R then L

Jabs w/knee ins

Jabs w/twists

Jabs straight on

Step ups in out 2 min

Push ups on mini yoga ball

Med ball overhead crunches

Boxing round 2:

Jabs R L

Jabs up down

Jabs w/twists

Bench dips

Double tap mountain climbers

Double jump bench jacks

Can you believe just one more week and pools open!!??

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