Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Workouts!

I just love yellow I tried to get this pic where you could see it, its BRIGHT!

This is the fence area that I want to have replaced with stone next spring, it is a HUGE project!

This week has been busy as always so I decided to post the workouts that I create and do so you can see what it looks like:


Workout – Walk 2 miles

Time of workout – 30 min

Cals burned = 124


Workout - Walk & Client training

Time of workout - 1hr 20 min

Cals burned = 165

Client training circuit

Step ups w/2lb db - 2 min

Stability ball hammer curls

Stability ball overhead press

Step ups w/2lb db - 2 min

Sandbag cleans

Bench dips

Oblique twist on stability ball

Overhand crunch on stability ball

Superman scissors

Sandbag bent over rows

Shoulder press

Sandbag cleans

Step squat w/db

Low step plyo jumps


Workout - Taught Yoga w/ball & Client training

Time of workout - 1hr 30min

Cals burned = 463

Taught yoga 1 hour w/one on one
Client training - Circuit

Decline crunches w/8lb med ball

Decline obliques w/8lb med ball

20lb sandbag cleans

Climb weight bench - double leg 1 min

Stability ball 15lb db bicep curls

Stability ball 15lb db bent over rows

Stability ball 15lb db tricep kickbacks

Climb weight bench - single leg - 2min

Plank on stability ball + 10 pushups

Bench dips - 30

Db shoulder press - 10lb

Shuffles w/circle resistance band - 2 min

Superman’s w/scissors - 30 x 2

Single leg on step squat to leg lifts 15 + 15

Sandbag cleans – 10


Workout - Lunch walk & Client training circuit

Time of workout - 70 min

Cals = 346

Client Training Circuit
2 rounds 1 min:

Stability ball twists

Single leg squats w/stability ball

Decline crunches w/med ball

Sandbag cleans

Concentration curls - one works one stays

Overhead triceps - one works one stays

Shoulder press - one works one stays

Superman w/scissors

Superman w/scissors and hand claps

Pilates 100


Workout - Taught Yoga

Time of workout - 1hr

Cals burned = 265

Client canceled

Woo woo..........Jewelry party tonight I just can't wait to have all the girls over! Saturday teaching Yoga and Sunday going to the cemetary.

Wishing everyone a Happy Mothers Day!

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