Monday, May 21, 2012

Face Products!

I got some new face products!!! I have been using some other face wash and decided to try this one because it was on $ale!

The Spa products are samples and so far other then it kinda burning, I have not seen any changes since I began using them on Thursday.

Now the Garnier wash wash smells sooooo good and really lathers up nice, I like that. Plus it was on sale for just $5 and that was $2 bucks off so I felt it was worth a try. At my age late 40's *giggles the focus should be on moisturizing and cleansing. OK this covers both. Done. Great. Easy.

Lately I have been loving that black berries are CHEAP right now. I love them, and have fond memories of blackberry cobbler my mother used to make.....don't get me started she was great at every.thing.she.made.

Taught Yoga on Saturday and it was a good workout I did lots of strength moves, and push ups which everyone hates but ME. Then I went to a baby shower and YES I did have cake. Not just any cake but strawberry shortcake cake, with a cream cheese icing. It looked like a regular cake, so there was no fresh fruit but it was still very good. I took a small piece.

I had every thought of running last night but for some reason just when I got ready to go, it looked like it was going to open up and pour! So needless to say I did not see the lunar eclipse. *sigh......I think it was just too cloudy in my area.

This weeks goals:
Run 2 times
Lift 4 times
Yoga 1time

I want to reach the 100 mile mark on my DailyMile......ha so close.

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