Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easy salad ideas

Last nights dinner was an easy salad. All you have to do is take bell peppers and cut them up, add some mushrooms and saute in olive oil. Then add your pre-cooked chicken to grill hot. Then plate it on your bed of lettuce = Delish!

It is a great way to make a salad feel more like a meal, of course you can just heat your chicken in the microwave and add some hot corn for a more southwest feeling. Just get creative!

This was my outfit yesterday at the office.

I just love this skirt, I actually ran 1 mile and walked 2 in it and look how good it still looked woo woo! When I buy clothes I try to get things I can still workout it, that have some give or stretch to them but hold shape.

This skirt is amazing, I love the pattern and it was perfect with my buckle shoes. Just screams spring doesn't it?

Of course surprisingly I didn't pee in it when I ran across a snake yesterday! Its head was up and snarling at me, I was stopped in my tracks. I waited nicely for him to stop sun bathing, and slither back to the woods.

No worries about losing my heart rate, it was still WAAAAY UP THERE!

Check it out on my Dailymile I am at 70 miles so far = yipee :-)

Now on to more about a new product that came out in February but just got to my food store and let me tell you it was heaven.

Ben and Jerrys new Greek yogurt. Means = behave T.

Sure it has 6 grams of protein but the fat is 1/2 normal and the cals are still at 220 for 1/2 cup. I would post a picture but then it bumps my other pictures sigh!

Here is a great core workout, plus they are on the beach :-)

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