Monday, April 16, 2012

2 New Products Review (pic blog)

Casual weekend wear.....woo woo I got my LAST closet cleaned!

We had rain on Saturday so after I taught Yoga at the studio, I started trying on all the things in my cedar closet.

Bye bye 18 more pieces!

There was 20 but I decided to pull out 2 of them just in case. Still I can move things around just great. I feel much more lively knowing that is completed and this purge is done and my new wardrobe is all amazing things I love to wear that fit me and my style.

I ended up with summer bottoms:
2 black skirts
2 pattered skirts
2 black crops
1 black pants
2 black walking shorts (I pulled on dressy back in)
1 tan crop
1 tan walking short
1 grey walking short
1 white crop denim (these I pulled back in)
1 white walking short

14 total pieces.........whew!

Why do I think I need more clothes???? Slap me silly and add the cash to the savings lol. Girls we love to shop, and dress up its just in me why fight it!

I also tried 2 new products.........

Cracker creations in PB = good on the go.
140 cals for a pack of 5 grain crackers = 4gr protein.
I give this a 9 for easy on the go, the grains and protein per cals and that its NOT dry. Wheat can be so dry, it still has sodium and is a pre-pack but pretty natural.

And this heavenly product.......

Dark cream cheese chocolate really?!!! Love.

Look at the amazing texture

Just smooth on to strawberries and instant HEAVEN. I give this product a 10! It was easy to use, portion control and very satisfied after having it. This is in the refrigerated section of the food stores, I found it near the Yogurt and cream cheese section.

Took 2 walks this weekend = 9 miles total.

More on the new Creation Crackers..........

Oh and happy birthday to the Yoga studio this month = 4 years old and happy 1 year teaching to me. woo woo!!! I am thrilled to be a part of such a great Yoga family.

I am working straight through today, going to the ear doctor for my VERY LAST post-op appointment. The ear will be totally cleaned out and speaking into existence COMPLETELY HEALED. Praise God.

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  1. Stay fit & healthy , then you will enjoy your life.