Wednesday, April 4, 2012

9 Days of Intense Workouts

This is the outfit I wore to Cavalia and will be wearing on the plane to Maui, minus the belt of course. This outfit is by Sense, I love all the fabrics and colors they use it is the most comfy ever. Plus you can add belts or different shoes and change the entire look.

Hey my hair is down!

I know I have not posted workouts in a while, but it is because I do post them with my food logs. So this is a typical week for me, or the last 9 days. (and for one of my clients that needs to read my blog lol)

This week 4/2-4/4 Note: I have not done lunch workouts, I have been shopping for my vacation and springtime attire. (more on that later)

Tuesday 4/3
Workout - w/Client
Time of workout - 1 hr
Cals = 132

Step ups w/lateral raise 3lb db
Push ups on yoga block
Step up w/in and out lateral raise 3lb db

One leg lunge step w/db
Standing leg circles
Standing leg lifts

Superman twist lift
Swimmers opposite legs

Shoulder press one works
bicep curl one works
Triceps kick backs
Upright rows

Tabletop bent knee lifts w/pilates ball
Laying side circles
Laying swimmer legs
Single leg standing hammer curl
Single leg standing bicep curl

Plyo jumps low step
In and outs w/pilates ball
Bicycle twists
Reverse crunch stop ceiling cross legged

Monday 4/2
Workout - w/Client
Time of workout - 1 hr
Cals burned = 132

High double side step ups w/2lb db
TRX flys w/straight leg
Walk down pushups w/jump

Plank on stability ball
Knee ins on stability ball
Single lunge w/hammer curl 15lb db

Sandbag clean and press
Bench press db chest press
Overhead db triceps extensions

Bent over rows db 15lb
Sumo squat with alt lateral T lifts 5lb db
Sumo squat w/alt calve lifts

Plyo jumps low step
Boat pose w/8lb med ball twists

Sunday 4/1
Workout - Hot Yoga
Time of workout - 90 min
Cals burned = 398

Saturday 3/31
Off day

Friday 3/30
Workout - at the park
Time of workout - 40 minutes
Cals burned = 74

Walking inclines

Thursday 3/29
Workout - Training client circuit
Time of workout - 20 min (going out to dinner)
Cals burned = 132

Client training full body ST/circuit

2 min each rest 1 min
High step ups
Low step in and outs w/lateral lifts
High step ups w/2lb db
Decline pushups 30
High step ups
Decline pushups one on Yoga block 2x15 switch
Ball squats w/lateral lifts
Ball squat bench touch
Bridge on ball
Plia one works bicep curls
Plia one works shoulder press
Boat in and outs
Boats straight leg lifts
Boat scissors

Wednesday 3/28
Workouts - Lunch walk, teaching 1 hr yoga & Client training 1 hour
Time of workouts - 3 hours
Cals burned = 809

Client training:
Upper body ST w/circuit

Push ups on stability ball
Hold plank on stability ball
TRX mountain climbers
TRX sissors
Med ball crunch twists 8lb
Walk down pushup w/hop
Bench press db
Hammer curls db
Kettlebell swing
Step off side bench
Tricep w/band
Lateral T

Tuesday 3/27
Workout - Lunch walk w/inclines & Client training
Time of workout - 40 min
Cals burned = 148

Client training:
Lower body ST

2x2 min
Step ups high 2 min w/3lb db
Single leg step lunge w/10lb db
Side lunge on step w/10lb db
Jumpless rope 2 min x 2

Squats w/stability ball lateral raises
Walking lunges w/body bar
Side shuffles w/circle band
Wall squats w/band chest stretch
Single leg back lunge
Plank jacks – 25

Monday 26th
Workout - Lunch run/walk & Client ST training
Time of workout - 60 mins
Cals burned = 225

Client training:
2x2 min
Low step up
Low plyo jump

Single leg dead lift 5lb db
Squats w/5lb db
Med ball double straight leg crunch

Pilates leg circles
Pilates in and up leg lifts
Pilates scissors

Bridge w/palates ball
Standing band side kicks
Standing band flys

Sense clothes I love:

Cavalia the show I saw on Saturday:

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