Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I did RIGHT in 2010

Here we are in the last month of the year, its time to reflect on what I did right. All year long, we beat our self up with the "not good enough, could have did better" approach.

Its time to make a "Pat on the back list" is mine:

I changed one persons life and she told me so
Taught community classes
Got in the proper amount of protein
Ate less carbs
Got a new client
Got my Zumba certification
Became a 3 X grad of P90X
Completed 10 handstand pushups [a month early]
Became closer to God
Made new friendships
Worked on friendships I had to be closer
Finished my website
Generated more income and credibility through writing
Added more money to my IRA
Got the furniture of my dreams for my bedroom where I spend a lot of time reading
Started a home Bible study group
Learned how to properly use a kettlebell
Taught a Yoga workshop
Won an iPad by writing an article on line
Learned how to use an iPad
Created darling socks for extra income
Increased my fans on my trainertfitness facebook fan page
Learned more about online marketing
Prayed more
Ate out less
Tried some new recipes
Bought only 2 pairs of shoes [ok now that's HUGE!]
Cut back on expenses
Won 2 gift cards from work
Did more strength training Vs cardio
Learned Yoga, Hatha, Wall, and chair
Gave more to charity
Had very little alcohol [1 glass of wine & 2 Margaritas]
Made over my fitness studio [2 new mirrors coming this week]

New goals = cut sugar, but that's another blog!

I ordered Bob Harpers workout, check out the special you may want it too!
I will do a review ;-) right after I stalk the UPS guy lol........

" If you look to do something, it is always possible... so always remember, have faith in yourself." by Zia Khatib

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