Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Springerle German Cookies Attempt

Yes there is some things I don't know how to do. One being what I attempted today and won't know the outcome till tomorrow once baked.

Our family recipe of Springerle German Cookies

Mixing the batter

Getting the pans ready with butter (fake)

Making a mess

Pressing them out with the wooden press that makes the cute patterns on them

Me......attempting to B-A-K-E

The finished product

Now they have to sit for 12-15 hours then bake for 15 minutes. [you read that right 12-12 hours]

There you have it, a family recipe that now that everyone has passed away I am attempting to make these on my own from a letter dated 1984.

Hey I was busy in the 80's making my hair big ok?

Today's workout:
At the gym treadmill = 45 mins 317 cals to the curb!
Zumba practice = 15 min

I got all my paperwork filed, and the other TRX up and organized.
Now I am ready for a short week....woot woot!


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