Thursday, December 2, 2010

90 Day Picture Challenge

I took those pictures right after dinner eating chinese food last night, thats how crazy I am. This way I think I look super fat ....*sigh

and hopefully will be the EXACT OPPOSITE ON DAY 90!

I am doing this challenge with my friend Rachel, and she is competing in the Arnold this spring and has hired Ruben to train her. He RAWKS, but I can't afford him and have been using my trainer in NY but right now she is dealing with family issues so I am just trying to be good.

The challenge is post new pictures every Thursday!

I really need a kick in the butt and I think this challenge will do it for me, I have been way to comfy with my workouts and not pushing as hard as I can. Well of course I am doing many things but still.

I will do most of the workouts at home, weekends at the gym. I just got my 2 new mirrors delivered and a stretch bar pipe, now its a matter of setting/cutting and making that all come together in my re-modeled home gym. [pictures later]

My Meals:
Eat cleaner - using the Clean Eat Diet and my trainer meals
No sugar - bought stivia
Good fats - ok, my fats have been really good like under 45 each meal GO T!

My Challenge:
Making the Cut

My Starting Stats:
Bf - 24%
BMI - 20.8
Wt - 124
Ht -5'4"
Size - 4

I have a big strong back, and lots of extra belly fat that needs to go before spring. Of course I tried to pose like Rachel but since she is like super tiny (14% bf) its not the same lol.......

Here is Rachel on her first 3 weeks of progress (hello I would take her body right now plus shes 25-ish)

and Me with the crazy colors of my kitchen (I am NOT sucking anything in)

90 days posting pictures each Thursday, wish me luck!

Today's workout:
20 min Zumba express
1 hour Core Yoga class after work


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