Friday, December 17, 2010

Taught Mat Pilates with Mini Balls

I am off work today and had a great session teaching Mat Pilates with mini balls. The feedback was fabulous from the owner, so we are working on a time to work this in after the new year, T is very happy.

This was a big class of about 17-19 and 3 of the student had taken pilates before but NONE have used the mini balls. I am going to Yoga class Saturday morning and can't wait to hear if anyone felt the workout.


Here is what I did on my day off:
Zumba workout 8 am
Taught Pilates 9-10am
Washed the car = happy MINI Cooper
Trained 2 clients

Goals this weekend are to get files in order for the end of the year and tax time.

Workout - Cardio
Mood - Pumped
Wt - 124
Time of workout = 1 hr 50 min
Cals = 381

20 min Zumba Express w/Beto
1 hr Mat Pilates w/ball - taught class
10 Boxing - with client
20 min Step Low impact w/3lb db - with client



  1. Pilates is really a fantastic way to stay fit, and I found it to have been incredibly beneficial on a personal level. But recently, I read this article ( and frankly, I’m amazed at the amount some of these trainers charge for a workout. Can anybody tell my whether it’s really a better workout system, or just the rich aiming the rice? $130 a workout? REALLY?

    ...must be some magic dust I’m missing out on or something for such a pretty penny, eh?

  2. I love the workouts and I think it is relevent on what the trainers back ground is. If it is a well known star trainer I can see that.

    But you can get a great workout by good trainers on dvds for very little price.

    The good thing about doing a class is that you feel part of the energy, and you get one on one attention.

    I hope this helps you, I had no way of contacting you directly.