Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kettlebell Workout ST Day

Went to the chiropractor last night and I feel so much better this morning. Bible study went great we had 8 which was a lot for the Barbie house. Ha I actually had to sit in the door way.

I did not get up as early as I wanted to this morning as the peeps left at 9pm so I only got in 20 minute workout. *SIGH

Tonight after work is the dentist for my cleaning and check up. I will try to get in some extra workout when I get home.

The goal is:
Work a bit on Pilates Mat routine
Zumba practice

Lunch I will get my prescription filled, and try to get the rest of the fabric for my other section of my gym near the TRX system. It is on sale and I will go and look at it, I'm going with white to match the walls/washer/dryer.

I can't believe tomorrow is Picture day for the Rachel_Mac Challenge. I feel like I have done pretty good but the pictures will tell. WOW has she got so many people on board!

Be brave and join in! You don't have to wear a swim suit.

Good news, I WILL be teaching Mat Pilates Dec 17th and going forward I believe on Wednesday nights, won't know till this weekend but with my schedule I can only do Mon and Wed or Sat am. I want to save Mon for Zumba classes so its going to be tricky.
I will ask for Wed and Early Sat 8.30 -9.30 she does a 10 am Yoga. This will give me time to do my workout at the gym, then teach the class, I am super PUMPED!

Today's workout:
20 mins combo with 12lb Kettlebell
With 25lb Kettlebell & 12lb and Bob Harpers workout
Mood = Amp'd
Workout time = 20 minutes
Cals burned = 75

Warm up stretches:
Downward Dog
Side twist
Shoulder stretch with hands on knees
10 regular squats facing a wall - to teach you form

The workout:
10 squats
15 swings
10 row up with squat
6 single arm swings
10 upward row
10 swings
30 sec jumping jacks
10 -1 arm swings R & L
5 - single arm x 2
20 alt swings
10 pop ups
5 halos x 2 direction
5 twist pop up cleans x 2
3 clean press x 2
10 swings


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