Tuesday, December 21, 2010

20lb Kettlebell Workout

I got my 20lb Kettlebell and looooove it!

1. the wide handle
2. the vinyl cover
3. cool blue color
4. shape

I really feel a difference when using this VS my regular vinyl covered bell, it really is more comfy and safe feeling.

Today's smoothie:
1 cup skim
1 scoop vanilla whey
1/2 scoop casein
1/2 banana

I did drop down to my 12lb bell a few times just because I am still sore and did not want to hurt my back. This is a great workout, if anyone has it let me know what you think.

Today's workout:
Bob Harper Inside Out Kettlebell Cardio Shred
Mood - Yippee
Time of workout = 5 min warm up + 20 min workout w/ 20lb Kettlebell
Wt = 124
Cals burned = 75

Warm up:
Arm stretches over head
Forward bend
Runners stretch
Straight leg stretch
Sumo squat w/shoulder touches to knees
Open leg forward bend

Work out:
Squat touch kettlebell
Dead lift
Squat w/upright row
Swings R then L
Swings R bring leg in step out [these are fun and different]
Swings L bring leg in step out
Single arm R x 4
Single arm L x 4
Switch arms x 2 swings
Switch arm singles
Double arm swings 4
Bell on ground between arms pushups - 15
Row lunge x 15 R and L
Swings 15
Bell on ground between arms pushups - 15
Row lunge x 15 R & L


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  1. I LOVE KBs!!!!! The Bob Harper workout sounds great... I may give it a try today! :)